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George Ellwood

George Ellwood

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England 1900.
This table would seem most probably retailed by James Solly Henry, founded 1880, of Old St, London, and was probably designed by George Montague Ellwood. J.S Henry were wholesale manufacturers of light ornamental furniture and Art Nouveau pieces of mahogany and satinwood with decorative inlays from the 1890s. Their beautiful pieces retailed through a Paris agent at the 1900 Centennial Exhibition, where they won two silver medals. At the Arts & Crafts Exhibition Society in 1903 the company showed designs by George Walton and W.A.S Benson. George Ellwood was their most prolific designer, and although they used designs by C.F.A Voysey and W.J.Neatby, few designers were named.


Measurements: H: 83cm (32.7")  W: 68cm (26.8")  D: 45cm (17.7")

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