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Green Leather

Green Leather

Ref: 113905

England 1860
Shrieks quality. Immaculate green leather desk box by London maker Fisher, 118 Strand.
Engraved with the initials of it`s owner, Lieutenant Colonel William Thomas Rowland Powell  (1815 - 1878)

William Thomas Rowland Powell was a typical Victorian Gent, enjoying the hunting and shooting scene

Educated at Westminster; married Rosa Edwyna, daughter of William George Cherry of Buckland, Herefordshire. They had two children, George and Harriet. Harriet sadly dies of consumption at the age of 13. George never got on with his father. Their relationship got off to a bad start when William Thomas Rowland presented his young son with a shot gun and told him to shoot the first thing he saw. He shot his father

Measurements: H: 20cm (7.9")  W: 46cm (18.1")  D: 30cm (11.8")

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